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The Main Hall

The Parish Hall is used by a wide range of groups, both on a regular and a one off basis.


The Main Hall  can seat up to 90 for a meal and 140 for concert style seating. It is regularly used for Church events, dancing and by health and lifestyle groups.

The Lounge is regularly used for meetings, coffee mornings and craft activities.  The tables can seat approx 30 - 35 people, and can be arranged to suit a wide range of needs.

The Meeting Room is set out for meetings and can seat approx 10 around the tables or 25 around the room.

Ideal for meetings or conferences, this room also has a large interactive screen with Wifi capabilities. 

The Upstairs Meeting Room is a large space which has been used for meetings, rehearsals and as a teaching room for Maths Tuition. Again, the furniture in this room can be arranged to suit your needs.

The Small Room can be used for meetings or small groups. It can seat approx 10-15 around the tables and is a quiet, private space.

The Lounge

The Main Hall

The Meeting Room


St Wilfrid's

Parish Hall


The Small Room


The Upstairs Meeting Room

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